Binh Nguyen

Environmental Researcher, IoT enthusiast


  • Water Chemistry
  • Microalgae
  • Process Control & Automation
  • Team Learning


  • Python Programming
  • Embedded System
  • Internet Communication
  • English & Vietnamese

Working Experience

  • Research
  • Managing
  • Developing

Binh Nguyen, Ph.D

  • Email:
  • Mobile phone: 0968972464
  • Address: Le Van Luong, Thanh Xuan dist., Hanoi
  • Water chemistry:
    • investigating effects of pH to functional groups
    • mass transfer of CO2 and alkalinity
    • contaminant fate and transport
  • Environmental microbiology:
    • microalgae: cultivation for energy from solar energy
    • microorganism to cleanup contaminant
    • creating valued products from wastes
  • Automation and environmental sensing:
    • embedded systems such as Arduino, EPS8266, Raspberry Pi
    • monitoring remotely environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, water quality
    • control clients and stored data for future research
  • Developing people and teamwork:
    • coaching team members to collaborate in shared goals
    • improving fact-first on technical communication
    • team learning via case study and reflection

06-2017 - Present: Freelancer

  • Simulated the microalgae growth and the productivity by Python script. The program used Excel-liked files as the inputs and for the output and the optional generating graph
  • Deployed Linux computer to collect environmental data such as temperature directly or via an Arduino board
  • Built weather station, stored data in SQL database and displayed the data on the web

10/2016-05/2017: Excecutive Trainee

Esquel Garment Vietnam-Hoa Binh Co., Ltd., Hoa Binh, Vietnam

  • Led production maintenance team for daily operations including 40 workers, 12 staffs
  • Developed a macro-enabled Excel file to check machine availability based on the production loading
  • Coached direct reports on communication, problem solving and decision making

9/2015 - 9/2016: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Biodesign Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnolog (BSCEB), Phoenix, AZ, United States

  • Improved carbon dioxide sequestration by microalgae by conditioning alkalinity growth environment, stable pH and delivering CO2 through hollow-fiber membrane
  • Developed a turbiostat system to automatically measured and controlled microalgae biomass
  • Coordinated research activity and laboratory management of ~7-member team

2010 - 2015: Graduate Research Associate

BSCEB, Phoenix, AZ, United States

  • Delivered milestones in U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) grant:” Managing the Microbial Ecology of a Cyanobacteria-Based Photosynthetic Factory Direct!” 2012-2014
  • Designed, optimized and operated small photobioreactors with pH-Stat function to study carbon, electron partitioning under different light intensity by microalgae
  • Mentored 2 undergrads, 2 visiting scholars and various laboratory tours

2009 - 2010: Project developer

Camco South East Asia Ltd , Hanoi Office, Vietnam

  • Collected input and prepared documents of Clean Development Mechanism (carbon mitigation credit) projects in wastewater and hydropower utilizing spreadsheet
  • Prepared 2 reports on hydropower projects, 3 reports for wastewater projected for senior executives

2007 - 2009: Project Developer/Manager

Vietnam Energy and Environment JSC., Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Managed multiple stages of CDM projects from study feasibility, select methodology, collect documents, due diligence, and validation
  • Advanced 3 projects to the validation stage (with DNV, TUV-NORD); 2 projects contracted with clients; 8 projects in progress

Ph.D., 2015, Arizona State University (ASU), AZ, United States

  • Major: Civil, Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Engineering
  • Dissertation title: “Photoautotrophic Production of Biomass, Laurate, and Soluble Organics by Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803”
  • Committee members: (Drs.) Bruce E. Rittmann (Chair); Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown, Paul Westerhoff

Master of Science, 2012, ASU, AZ, United States

Bachelor of Science, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 2007, Hanoi, Vietnam

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  1. Certificate of Merit (2015): Division of Environmental Chemistry- American Chemical Society for the quality and relevance to advancement of environmental process
  2. Service Award (2014) by Vietnam Education Foundation Fellows Association (VEFFA)
  3. Certificate of Appreciation (2012, 2013) in recognition of valuation contributions to the Vietnam Education Foundation annual conference
  4. Vietnam Education Foundation fellowship (2010-2012)
  1. Director of Executive team of VEF Fellows and Scholars Association (2013-2014)
  2. Core team member (2013-2016), editor of Vietnam Journal of Science
  3. Reviewer for Environmental Science and Technology and Algal Research Journals