Test lowcost temperature sensors

    Comparing temperature sensors (Dallas DS18B20, Microchip MCP9808, Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) PT-100, Sensirion SHT(3x, 21).

    Cleaning and reformatting complex data for pandas. The data was stored in text file with list of dictionary and the key as another dictionary

    Using seaborn to display data by using its powerful feature hue

    Graph CO2 at Mauna Loa

    Using historical data from NOAA website for Mauna Loa Observatory Station to re-construct the graph of atmospheric CO2 since 1960

    We will use matplotlib with requests to get data, extract data then with pandas to make a dataframe for the final graphing

    Lipo test with data annotation

    Turning a toy experiment to publishable-graded graph using pandas, matplotlib

    The data from this notebook was from testing discharge-charge with used18650 lithium battery

    Data was collected using ESP8266 running Arduino sketch with ArduinoJson to transmit data in dictionary format. Data was captured on MQTT server using Python script

    Current and voltage were measured uing INA216 sensors, TP4056 as the charger

    Config backend for graphic

    You may see this line %matplotlib inline when starting plotting a graph by Matplotlib library. In this post, we go deeper to see other backends that power the graphic.

    We will look at using Qt5 as the backend support. It is very useful for data exploration or using a seperate window to see data in detail.

    Jupyter Starter

    Scratching surface through %lsmagic and how use pip to install library within Jupyter Notebook, and convert to html.

    To install Jupyter in Windows, follows this post. I made this tutorial with screenshots to make sure that each step can be replicated easily.