20Wp battery-stored solar energy


First of all, install the solar panel facing perpendicular to the light path is not easy when living in highrise buildings. My panel is facing South, about 60 degree to ground. In Hanoi, Vietnam, an ideal tiltation is 23 degrees to the ground, facing South and possibly Sun tracking during the day. The data and analysis given on GitHub AS IS.

Here are some of insights from the system and sensors installed.

Luminosity in Dec 2020 at Hanoi. Some good days, and some not so for solar catcher
The battery's voltage tracked well with the solar's
Currents from the panel, to the battery and by clients
Conversion efficiency by solar panel. 15% is decent for my setup
Efficiency by CN3722 solar charge. A higher light intensity leads to a higher one, max out at 84%
Temperature looks under control for the battery pack. Intense solar irradiance heated up the panel close to 50*C.

Read more about other applications of PV by NREL.