Harvest, Reuse and Dispose Lithium battery

Dispose dead cells

Eventually, you end up with cells that is totally dead or too low in capacity that need to be disposed. The single most important procedure to dispose the bad cells is to DISCHARGE remaining energy. Terminals of 18650 or LiPo is very close to each other. A small spark is enough to start a big fire. And that is the BIG WHOLE REASON why playing with lithium battery is fun and could be liable.

discharge A Dell's laptop battery with all cells puffed
discharge Discharge remain electrons before disposing

  • Use 50-100W resistor like this one with value like 5ohm then 1ohm
  • Clip battery terminals via 5ohm resistor first then lower values once the resistor felt normal
  • Finally, clip a wire direct to the terminals
  • Measure voltage between terminals, if the voltage is above 2V, don't clip terminals directly