Jupyter Notebook in Windows

Install Jupyter Notebook

Getting Python from Microsoft Store is one way, the benefit of this approach is the pip is also available from command line.

Note that PATH of pip package. After a few tries, you may end up with a few Python packages. This path shows where the Python package is located.

Next, install Jupyter Notebook by simply typing in Command Prompt pip install notebook

Now, there is a second path to python.exe from User's home directory not in Program File.

Here is what the folder Scripts looks like. They are application and cannot be opened by a text editor. From the screenshot above, the python and pip works fine but jupyter. This is because the PATH to the jupyter has not been in executable path of Windows or environment variables. Let fix that.

First, type path into the search box, something like this will appear.

Next, select Environment Variables near the bottom of System Properties windows. Then double-click on Path > New. Add this to the prompt.


I highlighted my user name virtuo and the version of Python which is likely be different with your setup. Close the Command Prompt and reopen again.  The new path should be included.

Now, if you check Jupyter version, you should see this:

and certainly you can start Jupyter Notebook, type in jupyter notebook

If the browser shows "no connection", copy and paste the alternative links on the screen. (http://localhost... or