Jupyter Notebook in Windows

Checking if Python was installed

If you are working with lot of data, Jupyter Notebook is essential. The biggest advantage using the Notebook is drafting the script or debugging a Python script one step as a time. Setting up in Linux or Mac OS are more convenient. In this post, I will walk through getting Jupyter Notebook ready on Windows (Windows 10).

First, check if Python was available in Shell command. Start from Search Box on Start, type in cmd to open the Command Promp then python --version in the command line. This one shows no Python was found. It was not installed.  The message suggested to get Microsoft Store.

 Alternatively, Python can be installed in Windows:

1. Python package downloaded from Python.org

2.  Using Anaconda package. Anaconda provides GUI and its own package manager. This is a strong choice if you want install the package via GUI. The drawback of Anaconda is a large package (500MB).