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Chi cục
  • One of two stations equiped with stationary monitors supplied by Environment SA (France).
  • In addition to PMs, this stations equipped with modules to monitor concentration of NO2, SO2, O3 and CO.
  • The model for PMs is not listed but is showned on a VTV clip as MP101M.
  • To get relevant info, watch here
  • Data from the 10 stations belongs to Hanoi DoEP are displayed on The website updates data from the last day or a few hours ago.
Thành Công
  • The station is a mobile version with sensor-grade monitoring supplied by Envrionmental SA called CAIRPOL. A brochure of this system linked here and a newer version of brochure. It is not clear what is the method or device for PMs (product code is A40-0215) since the CAIRPOL sensor stated its specialty on miniature sensors for gases (such as ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur compounds).
  • An article by Environment SA delineates the technical details of air monitoring by the city of Hanoi.
UNIS school
  • Using AQM 65 with an optical technology. The device is mounted on top of the sport complex. The device accuracy is in "near-reference level".
US Embassy
  • Monitor is manufactured by Met-One. The model is not listed on the website. Met-One is a household name for reliable equipment. BAM-1020 is a popular model by Met-One.
CEM: 556 Nguyen Van Cu (Gia Lam)
  • Two brands for dust equipment (PM2.5, PM10) were mentioned are from HORIBA and GRIMM. For examples, HORIBA APDA-372 using BAM, and GRIMM EDM180 using 660-nm laser scattering diode.
  • Only one out of seven stations provide real-time data (recently) with public access 556 Nguyen Van Cu. This station targets emissions from traffic nearby.
  • Monitoring data from 556 Nguyen Van Cu station is updated hourly (checked on Apiril 14, 2019) at However, the data update is spotty. The past data can be retried via speadsheet (Excel) upto to the last 7 days.
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