Performance of used masks for PM2.5 removal

1. Introduction

The fabric/cloth facemasks is the most populous type in Vietnam because of rather low-cost and most importantly, the fabric masks can be washed and re-used many times. Two fabric masks tested in the previous study has been used for 2 years with weekly wash.

Reusability of facemasks or other consumable materials are not limited to daily, but also concluded as an outcomes of low to middle income country. A study in 2005 in Vietnam reported that nurses and physicians expressed perference to use surgical or cloth masks. The authors emphasized the funding of the hospital is a strong drive to the type and quantity of the facemasks.

If the brand-name masks can be washed and reused for one more time with a reasonable removal efficiency, that would reduce the cost of the mask by half. The tendency of the users who have accustomed to fabric masks to reused and washed the one-time masks is very likely. Information on RE of the masks after washing is beneficial to inform the mask users if they should wash or dispose after use.