Dynamically correlating low-cost sensors with Dylos DC1100 Pro

2. Dynamic graphing

As of 2020, the project is ended. The Honeywell's sensor is no longer functional. The lowcost sensors had been in operational over one years.  

2.1 Different approaches to calculate particles counting to PM2.5 concentration

For the details of how-to calculate each approach, see session 3 below.

dylos Five approaches to calculate PM2.5 from particle counts. I decided to use the GRIMM fitting for the charting.
2.2 Live line charts data from the sensors
Live data from low cost sensosr: Plantower (PMS7003, 5003), Nova Fitness SDS011, Dylos DC1100 using a simple estimation (3.4). For the correlation factor, check out. this study .
2.3 Correlation with SDS011, PMS7003 and Honeywell HPMA115S0 sensors

My original plan was to truly present all data upto last minutes, but that comes with a caveat of more loading on the server. A longer loading time is a practical consideration. A improvised plan is to serve static correlation charts of the current data of each month. Each chart is calculated at the mid-night of each day with the data of the current month upto the previous day.

Below are six graphs for 3 pairs with Dylos DC1100 as the "reference". And -ad indicted the concentration of PM2.5 was adjusted with a MetOne 1020 FEM monitor. The adjusting coefficient was reported in another study linked here.

Here are some graphs of correlating between HPMA115S0, PMS7003 and SDS011 with Dylos DC1100 Pro.

HPMA PMS7003 SDS011 PM2.5 HPMA PM2.5 PMS7003 PM2.5 SDS011