PM2.5 low-cost sensors and calibration data for SDS011 and PMS7003

6. Summary

Located 5.3km away from a reference station is less than ideal. Variation of wind and PM2.5 sources introduces more uncertainty. Nevertheless, this analysis and data show resonable fittings of PM2.5 monintoring from low-cost sensors.PM2.5 by Nova Fitness SDS011 overestimated 30% than by BAM monitor. The Plantower PMS7003 overestimated 52% than the BAM monitor. The goodness-of-fitting (R2) of PMS7003 is 0.66 and SDS011's is 0.51 to BAM monitor. The R2 found in this study is lower than the other studies. Correlating data between SDS011 and PMS7003 hows a R2=0.84 which supports the distance between BAM monintor and the low-cost sensors contributed to a lower R2. In addition, the report will be updated with additional data from Honeywell HPMA115S0 and Dylos DC1100 Pro devices.