Sept. 12, 2020

Novelty Addiction

You pick up the phone, and before you know it, you are checking Facebook, Instagram, VNExpress to see any thing NEW!!! And thirty minutes gone, you are still looking for something "NEW". Count me in!

Some activities often creep into your daily routine, and before you know it, it is your habit - an activity (or a set of such) you are automatically perform each effortlessly. When asked, most respondents would hesitant to say that they are addicted to Facebook, Tiktok (welcome to 2020!)  and other social media platforms. The word "addiction" brings a negative connotation that before asking that question, would prompt a defensive and reactive response. But if the question asked what  benefits of using social platforms, answers are different and a more balance to positive tone. Now if the question was if you not checking in Facebook, what do you feel? Playing into feeling is tricky because we don't have quantitative and objective measure. We checked the app and then realized that nothing there is new, but if we were not checking it, then we were afraid something that we don't. Stay updated, stay relevant, stay connected, and stay online.

Our brain is a machine that would love some doses of dopamine, that really matters to us because we can feel it. Drinking coffee, take a run, win a game, thinking about having coitus, actually having one are sort of things generate that stimulants. If you don't have activity to generate a dose of dopamine, you feeling nothing, even bored and tired. Going online, checking something new is one way to find something new that would eventually generate some dopamine, bring some sense of new and pleasure at the cost of time and actually doing something else. Or simply, cleaning your table.

Looking for new stuffs is positive to your brain, but how do often you then compared that new tidbits of information and compared to you, and what you have experienced. How often you find someone shared a sad new, unfortunate life, and how curious were you to actually stick to the post and read one. Not so often - I supposed. We are looking for something both positive and fun at that moment. If you feel sad because of someone else is traveling, having a new house, getting another house, getting married and travelling, then the similarity is just plain simple. To trade off the a dose of stimulant for a moment and cheap, we will endurance  the after-effect - leaving your app, at least hating yourself for doom scrolling, or feel unfortunate your are. At the most benign level, those new tidbits from new feeds will reside in your brain for a couple of days. Stay occupied, stay busy, right?

Dopamine is one of the stimulants that our body produces and our brain the a needy client. A quick search on Internet yielded to me a nice 2x2 matrix showing four types of stimulant.  I was confused at first about the effect of dopamine which is the reward chemical vs. oxytocin which produced when you is loving something. So, there you have it. Many ways to make the brain happy as long as it has a dose of right chemical.

What about writing a journal? - which I am doing one.

For me, that is one way to clear our mind, or clear our head. I wanted to be a smart person, and to become so, I have to think. And I have to think something more complex rather just going to pee when I feel I need to. By the way, having a full bladder is as emergency having a full of thoughts in your head. You need the release them anyway. Some products are easier to release. Stand upright, getting lose, take a deep breath, look up the ceiling and not your left or right, making an exhale, then you go. Other products is harder to product and export. Writing personal journal, when you are guarantee that no one besides your will read it making easier to dispose your thought. You don't have to irritated for no reason, you have the thought clear. You event want to have something in your brain to jot it down. The problem of writing journal is the make it look good, and you search your brain for me. Of doing so, searching brain feel like to exhaust your thoughts. Bingo, now you empty your thought, or at least , you thought there is nothing there (to put into a journal you are writing).

Time to take a breath.

* * *