June 30, 2020

founding contradictions

Thomas Jefferson penned the Independence Declaration with "all men created equal" also owned hundreds of slaves.

Please read on, and suspend your judgement for a while.

We all have contradictions with what we thought a right thing to do, and a practical thing to keep you alive and well. Even a lawyer with wealth and privileges who can see the enlightenment still have to live with that contradiction, and struggling to balance his ideology and the daily life. That is a point I want to make.

You can put your judgement on for now.

Who I am to say with the Founding Father of the great United States even owned slave? because of his writing on the declaration, it is impossible that he owned slaves because it is a contradiction?

Or who I am to judge about the  great founding father that it would be forbidden to discuss or even a glimpse  of critiques.

Or who to say to the Earth is not the center of the universe, and actually the Earth is round, and no turtle's back that the Earth is lying on.

To live with as an ideologue, for example, do no wrong,  could be impossible. We eventually to do something that wrong. We are tough in school to live with the principle but be-rounded and adaptive in life. Unfortunately, principles and pragmatic life are not always the same. It would be far easy to give some example that we live a practical life and in hope that are following a principal life. We fought the war in hope to unite the humankind.

Going in which this life of argument is dangerous. I become a tall stake. Simply, I provided quite  lots of context to be criticized to say to the least.

But that is alright, I am no perfect man. One thing I am doing really know that I am an imperfect one.

If you wish to listen more to founding contradiction, tune in to HiddenBrain from NPR.

* * *