Aug. 19, 2018

Exploring Ghost blog format

It is 2018, and typing in Word processing is longer sexy enough. This is the time you people write their stuffs on online editors, and publish to platform directly. If you have posted on, you should have some ideas what I am taking about.

And yes, you have to option to change the format of the text on the flight. For example you could pause while writing, highlight some text, to bolden, or to italicize, to mark the text as very big in Heading or a smaller one, you could make a quote that I said you so or to link a word to a page. That is fun, right. Yes.

Highlighted a text and you see those

The big, and

smaller heading,

and quote only works with block level

That should give you some ammunitions to start with wring, but some will want more. Like myself.

So I push down the forward splash to start a few more options with underlying code structure:

Typing the forward splash (/) give you those options


What is this? The first time I heard about the 'markdown' when I searched for a note-taking platform like OneNote but on Linux, Mint distro, and ran into RedNoteBook. Recently, I learned that GitHub's README file is .md format, which is a Markdown format. Highlighting the text give you 5-6 options to do with the text, the markdown a lot of options. Here is a more complete option with Markdown. Besides you have more option to format the text and display them, you don't have to use the mouse to point to a pop-up option. Markdown allows you to type, and the editor interprets the format, some similar to the tag in HTML. And yes, HTML is included in the Ghost's Editor as well. Neat.

With markdown you format a header to 6 levels by assigning an H1 header with one # sign like this:

# this is heading one

## this is heading two

You could make a text bold by wrapping two ** around the text and one * for italic text. Strikethough a text, mark a subtext such as subtext and a suppertext, or insert inline code by adding code inline.

the code level block will start by one angular forward >

or a link

with list of item such as

  • item one
  • item two
  1. this is the ordered list
  2. typing the number and enter the list
  3. that is easy to add more list

With image, you could start by ![This is an text inside the image holder](/this/is/the/path)

One more thing, HTML tag is working too

Below are two examples of highlighting a text using HTML tag.

this is a marked text using HTML mark tag

Marked text using span tag

Start the HMTL code by typing three titles

<h1> this is an H1 text with weird background </h1>

and yes, there is more guide to use Ghost Editor.

So I hope this short post could introduce an option to use and take advantage of this responsive and elegant editor.

* * *