Aug. 18, 2018

Another Start

I do not want to set a new record of who has set up how many 'hello world' pages, blog, or the likes. If you don't know what I'm talking about, that is fine too. It is far too easy to set out a page, a course work, and to learn a new programming language. I cannot, however, say to same about maintaining, or to spending time regularly to get the blog growing. That is my harder part.


Somehow, that is why I am doing now. Is there any new catch, sure is? Setting up a new server, get mySQL, and a blogging platform is much easier and feel native to me now than never. That is a good sight how much I have improved to get some server running.

Eight months ago, I heart about Ghost blogging, and I instantly like it. To me, Wordpress is a too heavy for just blogging. It packs with the comprehensibility and leaves the mark of a heavy system. There is no easy way to trade that off, between the size and the agility. The php language, which I have never attempted to finish a starter lesson, feels old to me. It is like an establishment, existing there as a default because of its sheer size, but not much because of the superb in functionality. To Wordpress's credit and php, they are still the number #1 in blogging, and run-all-website in Vietnam. I can feel php-based for small and medium-sized website.

I like Ghost not because I don't like Wordpress, but that is a reason why I sought to another platform. Running on NodeJS and JavaScript seems to be a better choice for faster and reactive website. Typing on the Ghost editor feels different.

I will return later, to set up subdomain with the blog. That has been today's morning time burner.

* * *