About this site

b-io.info is a personal website and a pet project to practice skills with web development and data visualization on air qualility, weather, IoT data collections, writing tutorials on making handy devices.

What on it?

Updated 2019 I started this website around mid-2018 and later placing content on it. My first thought was to play around and used as my personal blog, but gradually, there is more contents that can be served to the public interest such as air quality and weather conditions.

Back in 2004 when I were in the second year, I had to stay in the school's hostel for another two weeks and re-took a couple of failed cources. I spent those two weeks to learn HTML. I ended making an index page with hyperlinks.

Building my own webpage was a dream comes true. It is one of sweet endings after many "hello-world" pages, several Wordpress installation, buying domain names and could not figure out how to get one points to a website.

This site hosts content from a few areas that I'm interested in or know some nuts-and-bolts about the topics.

About me

I often act foolishly because I am a foolish one. But that is not the reason why I built this website or did I?

My background is Environmental Engineering with a focus on engineerings of treatment of waters. Later, I became a microalgae researcher loooking into improving biomass yield by building a "happy home" (aka homeostatic) for microlagae. Recently, I tinkered with electronics and embedded systems such as Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi to collect data, store and display them and webpage. My current choice for displaying is a web microframework called Flask Django and a library called Plotly.

On a more long-term view, I'm a strong beliver of leveraging the information technology and embedded systems that can help human to do laborious work and repetitive tasks. I built an automatic biomass monitor and control because I didn't like to go to the lab at midnight for one more sampling point. I ended reading lots of stuff through the midnights to build one but it was worth the sweat and gray hair.

My full resume is here. Browse and have a look.


Thank to the Internet and the people have developed it as an open platform so I can watch Youtube, borrows pages and follow tutorials.

To get this website up and runing, I would like to thank creators of many websites and Youtube channels. Some must be mentioned are:

  1. Brad Traversy. Excellent primers on HTML, CSS, JS
  2. Al Sweigart, the author of Automate the boring stuff with Python. A must-have book to start on Python
  3. Corey Schafer. Thorough walk-through video tutorials on Django, Flask and Python
  4. Harrison at PythonProgramming.net. Many in-depth posts on Python programming
  5. Dan Bader and RealPython.com. Details and well-documented tutorials on Python
  6. ...


The blog is written by the same person but it should be treated as a personal writings for the author's entertainment and sharing and casual jotdown. The information on this website except the Blog is presented as objective fashion or based on factual realization. The blog is subjective style or based on the author's experience and perception, in a simpler word, bias to the author's upbringing, first-hand experience, temporal understanding. The author spells out the difference and wish no conclusion, either directly from writing, interpretation or imply, should be drawn between a person and a researcher/engineer.

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