About this site

Back in 2004, when I were in the second year, and I had to stay in the school's hostel another two weeks and retook a couple of failed classes. I spent those two weeks to learn HTML. I ended making an index page with hyperlinks.

Building my own webpage was a dream comes true. It is one of sweet ending after many "hello-world" pages, and several Wordpress installation, buying domain names and could not figure out how to get one points to a website.

This site hosts the content from a few areas that I'm interested in or know some nuts-and-bolts about the topics.

  • Microlage: research, energy, what is up with climate change?
  • Arduino, ESP8266: want to know the weather outside, some simple home applications?
  • Python programming: I follow to code, learn, try and follow the tutorial again

About me

I often act foolishly and I like to be seen as a foolish one. But it is not the reason why I built this website or did I?

My background is Environmental Engineering, and mostly on treatment of waters. Later, I became a microalgae researcher loooking into improving biomass yield by building a happy home for microlagae. Recently, I tinkered with electronics and embedded systems such as Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi to collect data, store and display them.

On a more long-term view, I'm a strong beliver of information technology and embedded systems that can help human to do laborious and repetitive tasks. I built an automatic biomass monitor and control because I didn't like to go to the lab at midnight for one more sampling point. I ended reading lots of stuff through midnight but it was worth the sweat and gray hair.

My full resume is here. Browse and have a look.


Thank to the Internet and the people have developed it to an open platform so I can watch Youtube, borrows pages and follow tutorials.

To get this website up and runing, I would like to thank creators of many websites and Youtube channels. Some must be mentioned are:

  1. Brad Traversy. Excellent primers on HTML, CSS, JS
  2. Al Sweigart, the author of Automate the boring stuff with Python. A must-have book to start on Python
  3. Corey Schafer. Thorough walk-through video tutorials on Flask and Python
  4. Harrison at PythonProgramming.net. Many in-depth posts on Python programming
  5. Dan Bader and RealPython.com. Details and well-documented tutorials on Python
  6. ...