Build a Turbidity Sensor to Monitor and Control Microalgae Biomass Density

Publication and More Photos

This turbidity monitoring and control system (often called turbidostat) is one of three units I worked in an attempt to build an advance photobioreactor. This work was carried out while I worked at Biodesign Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology, Arizona State University. The scientific contributions of this system to advance algal cultivation was published in Algal Research Journal. The contribution of this system is open hardware design and open software, espcially the lowest cost system to minitor and control biomass density for microalga. Some commerical systems could cost a $10 thousands to a Tesla ($60k).

Algal Research.
A capture of the publication on Algal Research as resulted from working on the turbidostat.
More photos
with inline pump
The turbidity sensor installed outside the reactor. The sample is pulled by a small pump.
overview of the system with PBR
The turbidity sensor covered by an aluminium foil is installed with an photobioreactor.
sensor closeup
The turbidity sensor was covered to reduce infrared light from the surrounding.
harvested biomass
Microalgae harvest from the hold-up tank (cylinder in the background.)
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