Flashing Lumia 640 Missing Reset Protection Key


5.1 I tried to put the ATT-firmware first
ATT phone
I tried this before debranding step. The device id ended with P6204_ATT.1.1. Reset Key was asked..
5.2 I pulled the plug too soon
too soon
I pulled the phone out of the USB cable after a few minutes using iutools. I had to run the tool again.
5.3 I have to flash the generic firmware twice

At the first time, I select English as the language. The touch screen worked but not the keyboard; it was irresponsive. Online updating resulted a failed code by the end of update process( after a long download).

At the second try, I selected to Vietnamse and update process successed. I'm not sure if the language was the problme, or it needs to be flash twice.


I'm glad that finally I turned a working phone to my Mom but that cannot not be done without the help from the following sources. Thank you, gals and guys!

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