Flashing Lumia 640 Missing Reset Protection Key

Looking for Help, Any Help

Let me back up a bit. One misty summer morning, my Mom's phone was no longer works. I gave a mint Lumia 640 to Mom one year ago. She had been liking it because of a large screen and a loud speaker. With $35 and a possibility to get a carrier unlocked, Lumia 640 is still a decent phone for the seniors (except recently when popular apps like Facebook Messenger, Zalo are avaiable with limited feature). It serves basic needs such as calling with large digits, web surfing and listening to music. The phone was branded with AT&T, running Windows 10 and firmware version is RM-1073. I got it from Microsoft Store circla winter 2015.

But those nice feastures of the Lumia 640 were not the motives to spend a couple of days to fix it. The problem with this Lumia was that it could not start up. The phone was booted and followed up with two cogs running making a circulous reset-bootup-cog running-sad face :(-reset status. I thought it is a fun journy to fix something my self. Mastering and simply practicing seems important and worth a try.

Thankfully, someone on Reddit put together the problems in a picture below:

Lumia stucks
Source: Lumia 520 from reddit.com. I have the Microsoft's Logo instead of Nokia's
What I did:
  1. Soft reset:
  2. Holding Power and Volume buttons -- until the phone vibrates to reset the phone: No luck, the phone started and returned to the circulous steps.

    More on how to reset phone hardreset.com.
  3. Hard reset:
  4. Hold the Power button to reset. When the phone vibrates, hold downs the Volume - until the Exclaimation Mark (!) appears. Then pushing with this sequence: Volume + >> Volume - >> Power >> Volume -. This time the phone restarted with a progressing bar and I thought that was it. A welcome screen showed up to set up the phone from the beginning: enter WiFi, location, language ... and the Microsoft account. Bingo, so I thought. I entered my account's credential several times and the message popped up indicates that the Reset Protection Status was not turned off and it can be turn off using the key (5 blank windows and about 25 characters needed)

  5. Searching, searching and re-researching:
  6. Turn out many people have problem with Lumia phone and the Reset Protection Key. I am the first owner of the phone and this time, the phone is registered in my account (devices/status on the MS account). I vaguely recalled that I did turned on protection mode and Find My Phone but I did not remembered that a 25-character key popped or sent to my email. The MS link indicated this is the procedure after users turn on Reset Protection Mode. The MS seems to thorougly prepare phone owners to transfer the phone by (1) : removing the phone from the MS' account and supposedly and the key will be sent your (MS) email.

    Reset Protection Key
    I could not recalled if I've ever seen the key for this. With that length, the last time was with Windows 7's Production Key.

    Logging in the MS account and pressing Find My Phone feasture turned no result. I decided to remove the phone from MS account to get the key and there is neither key popped up nor sent to my email. Now I endend up having the phone asking the key and my MS account no longer contains records of this phone. What is a better place I rather be?

    after hard reset
    A moment of truth and then got realised that I were in a pit.

    I could be mistaken that I were not looking into my email carefully. I don't have many emails from Microsoft and I still could not find an email with keys. There is a suggestion saying that that email titled "Reset Protection Key". No match. Searching by day is negative as well.

    I called the support line of MS, they have 3 options for Mobile phone or Hardware and returns one result: "Thank you for calling MS, having a nice day!" (this is not 100% verbatim). Online chatting with the bot makes me feel more understanding, a bit more intelligent and much slower to response. Great, I felt much better. By the way, there is a third party referred by the MS Bot and this party asked for $10 service fee. After the frustration and helpless, I did felt smarter after chatting with the Bot and refusing the third party with the service charge.

    Set up new phone
    Deception. I thought a hard reset will put the phone through the Reset Protection, especialy I can type in my MS account. MS's was thoughtful on this and I were tearful.
  7. All-in!
  8. Between having a nicely display clock and looking for a tutorial to by-pass the Reset Protection of the Lumia, I feel entitled to move the second option. I can access to and ONLY to the home screen of Lumia without a Reset Key.

    If the above is TL;DR; (too long/lazy; didn't read), here is a short recap: I am the original owner, and the phone was registered to my account, I did not have the key after removing the phone from my account, I asked the helps I can find, Lumia phone is no longer supported by MS. And now I felt justifed to dig into a by-passing.

    Many forum discussions were negative for a bypass but I only need one positive case and I did. The YouTube video (next step) with many positive comments to thank to it's creators- Tripplex PC-Tech. I thought, this is it. This seemed doable. The skepcitism with hacking electronics was common sense. A few YouTube's videos claimed the by-passing is doable but only a cheapshot or click-bait one. I read comments below some videos to ensure that I can got through.