Flashing Lumia 640 Missing Reset Protection Key

Flash New Firmware

4.1 Flash New Firmware

Move to inside LumiaFlashTool>>WPID and run start file with Administrator privilege:

Time of destiny
Notice the device ended with P6204.1.1. Select the right Firmware as well
device id
This will take a few minutes
4.2 Set up a new phone
  1. Enter WiFI credentials
  2. Language/I chose Vietnamse
  3. Other things until you see the screen to enter the Reset Key Protection
4.2 Push offline update by iutool
  1. Extract win10_mobile_offline_updater_v41(.wim) file
  2. Copy .cab files from "4th Generation>>640-640XL" folder and put them to D:\cabs (easier to access).
  3. Put the Phone to Flash Mode again (Restart then Hold Volume + button)
  4. Use Cmd.exe with the previlege and move to D:\ drive
  5. Put the .cab file by: iutool.exe -p -V D:\cabs and fire away (Enter). You can use the Tab key for auto completion for the typing.
  6. iutool looking good
    After the last cab file successfully transferred, keep the phone plug in. The update started but did not show anything change on the cmd console. Wait for 20-30 minutes, you will see the Lumia start, now you can pull the phone off the cable.
  7. After the phone restarted, the welcome screen is different. It asked to set up as a new phone or from a backup setup. Yay!, No key was asked.
  8. Update the phone
  9. Time of destiny
    Sweeeet. The phone is updating.