Data Logger Collecting Temperature, pH and Dissolved Oxygen with Timestamp

Import Data and Graphing

This sounds simple, but I learned importing data from text file to Excel speadsheet in 2011 from a seninor (thank HWK) in the former lab. As that time, I had data of Gas Chromatography and were embarrassed to copy and paste text to excel.Every.Single.Time.

  • Import data From Text Under DATA tab (Excel 2013)
  • Separate the data by the comma (that is why having commas after each data input is helpful)
  • Plot the data. Each data below has about 1700 points. The interval of measuring is 5 minutes but can be easily adjusted. The minimum internval of DO and pH circuits to read the data is 1.8 secs.
excel import
Select data tab, then choose text file.
data import
Choose a separator, in this case a comma.
DO dropped
Troubles with abnormal data of DO (gray) and then pH (orange). The pH reading was fine after pulling the DO probe out of the reactor.