July 23, 2019


This is a ~3-year old entry. I decided to publish it as the place of store my memory. I don't know when I will forget some moment like this.

This is a big topic. I'm thinking to pack and move my stuffs less in three months.

  1. First, what is the time for the departing flight. This is a critical input, but it is going to unfold when I have more information. One of that is what is the official last working day at ASU. The paper work is September 30, 2016. I have about two week of sick leaves. I suppose that I can use these days to drop off sooner than September 30 which means that I can be take off 2 weeks before that day. The second input is the travel plan after working time. I am smiling now when imaging to travel. I have not decided if I will take a trip somewhere. I probably will do. If not, I will spend sometimes just to be at home, go around and enjoy myself. That could be a nice and creative vacation. So for this first bullet, I will plan 2-3 weeks after the last working day to organize and travel. For that matter, I will start listing items for sale. Time to get off stuffs. Therefore, the departing ticket is going to be sometimes between Oct 05th to Oct 15th.
  2. Second, how much stuffs should I bring home. I have to be practical. For trans-Pacific route, I have two checked packs, one carry-on and a personal item. The checked luggage will be 45 lbs each. The carry one will be 23 lbs and personal item has to be minimal such as a laptop. I also plan to purchase one additional checked pack. So that is going to be 3 checked packs, one carry-on, one backpack served as personal item - a bit cheating at this approach. So that is quite plenty space, do you think. Yes, the problem is after 6 years living here in the States, I have been accumulating stuffs. By stuffs I mean about 6-7 pairs of shoes, 4-5 books (not big but heavy), lots of clothes (1.5 checked pack), electronics (which will be mostly in the carry-on).

The electronics can be quite tricky. I love electronics. I have two laptops (one Macbook Retina, one 14" Lenovo), a Mac mini (with two sets of keyboard, and a mouse), tablet (two), and electronics for Arduino project I have been pursuing. In addition, bluetooth speakers, router, humidifier. I have about 1 checked pack of those electronics.

There is something else. I would like to bring back some cups, bowls, dishes. They does not have high value of transferring rather the value of emotional attachment.

So let get straight: to streamline I should start listing items such as the keyboard (worth $100-120), iPhone 6 ($300), Phillips portable ($40).

In September, the listing will start with monitor screens, bike and car. This is the bulk of money, worth about $3000. Updated. The car was sole for $1750 and $100 for a Schwinn bike, ~$200 for a 27" IPS HP and 22" LG.

3. What I can do in the meantime? I start to run out what I should do, instead, I am jotting down what should I do from now and then. One thing I should do is keeping an eye on job perspective. Keeping one eye is a better description. Completing the current manuscript and working on the second one. I'm very optimistic for the second one. It is one year of working so I should make something useful out of that.

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