Sept. 14, 2018


Then the roaring of jet engines felt real, and the my back was pushed against the chair in a big air plane. Then lifting up.

It was not the first time I felt weird about what just happened. Looking out the window, rows of house and building reminded me about the a city that I had spent a part of my life with, that I felt like home after some travels.

It was a long but somehow now feel kind of a short journey. In 2010, close to forty young men and women took a Pre-Departure Orientation in Da Lat. Most of us did not meet before, but somehow we bonded. I did not know that I could make a new friend that instant before. Maybe, we were on the same mission.

Then everyone needed to go through the same steps to enroll in a new school: housing, bank account, bike, foods, phone number, then some other numbers, a few more cards. It felt so good to see an email posted on the group email or received a phone call that I did not have tried to pronounce exactly or had to repeat myself. Somehow, sharing what difficulty we were in makes us a bit less worrying, and stronger.

And an annual conference was coming with the buzz in the air with the winter break was on the way for the road strip. And let not forget there was another name for the annual conference as well. Something was on the note of friendship and more.

... and I were on the way home after 6 years in a city I did not called home but had felt like home. It is going to many years more that I know a group of bright people that were not my family but I since felt like I’m in a bigger family. Thank you, VEF family, for such a life-time opportunity.

This confession is posted in September 14, 2018 and a narrative for me 2 years ago (2016)

And here is the video I were leaving the PHX, Phoenix, in October 11, 2016.

and a photo at the ceremony:

Panelist discussion about "what would you have done sooner", gender inequality, leadership of woman, and "should" or "must"
The H.E. U.S. Ambassador Daniel Kritenbrink, Madam Nguyen Phuong Nga (Speaker and Deputy Minister of MFA) were at the ceremony
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